Corporate & Commercial Lawyers in Langley and New Westminster

Experienced in Nearly All Facets of Business Law

At Milne Selkirk, our corporate and commercial lawyers in Langley and New Westminster possess a broad range of experience in nearly all facets of business law to help you make sound commercial decisions. Our clients range from large national companies to small proprietorships operating in a diverse array of industries, including the financial, forestry, mining, greenhouse, energy, manufacturing, aviation, trucking, gaming and retail sectors.

Timely, Cost-Effective Company Law Solutions

Our corporate lawyers have over 30 years of experience working with our clients and their other professional advisors to develop company law solutions that are creative, timely and cost-effective. Our main practice areas of corporate and commercial law include:Corporate / Commercial Law

  • Incorporation and organization of new companies
  • Corporate reorganizations/roll-overs
  • Corporate governance issues
  • Shareholder, joint venture and partnership agreements
  • Purchase and sale of businesses
  • Drafting and review of commercial leases
  • Purchase and sale of commercial real estate
  • Commercial lending (lender or borrower)
  • Share and asset sales
  • General contract drafting and review
  • General business advice

Shareholder Agreements

A shareholders' agreement should be considered an essential part of a properly organized private company. The agreement will typically address important issues like corporate decision-making, finance, shareholder time commitments, rights of first refusal, share purchase obligations on death and dispute resolution. Without a properly worded agreement, disputes between shareholders can be extremely challenging and expensive to resolve. It is much better to identify and document the parties' expectations at the outset of the relationship rather than in the midst of a dispute. We can help you develop an agreement that meets both your needs and your budget.

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There's no need to go all the way to downtown Vancouver for competent corporate representation. Milne Selkirk has occupied the same convenient location in the Walnut Grove area of Langley for over 15 years. Our office is fully modern and accessible for your convenience. Contact us to schedule an appointment .

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