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Separation and divorce are traumatic events. When you add emotional issues such as parenting time with the children, child and spousal support and division of property, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the experience. The decisions you make at these times may have a profound effect on your future. We can help by providing sound legal advice and experienced representation so that you have the necessary information on which to base your decisions.

Several options are available to resolve family issues: negotiation, collaborative family law, mediation and the Court process.

We believe that resolving matrimonial issues without resorting to the court process is often the most effective, least stressful and most cost effective method. We can help obtain a fair settlement for you by experienced negotiation that leads to a written agreement.

If, due to your circumstances, negotiation, collaborative family law or mediation are not options, we can provide you with experienced representation in court.


Our lawyers have a proven track record of being able to negotiate settlements for our clients, thereby reducing or eliminating the need to appear in court.

Collaborative Family Law

In this innovative process, each party hires their own specially trained collaborative family law lawyer and the parties and the lawyers sign a contract agreeing that they will not go to court and that they will try to negotiate a settlement of the issues. In the collaborative family law process, much of the work is done in four-way meetings with the lawyers and the parties working as a team.

Depending on the needs of the family, collaborative family law may also include the use of Coaches (Registered Psychologists or Registered Clinical Counsellors) and, if required, child specialists may be involved to assist with issues pertaining to the children and to help develop a parenting plan. Depending on the needs of the family and the nature of the issues to be resolved, other experts may also be used.

Most importantly, the collaborative family law process allows the parties to craft their own unique resolution of their issues and provides the family with the support from professionals to help deal with the complex and often emotional issues that arise when parties separate. For more information on collaborative family law, please either call us or visit


A mediator can facilitate the parties reaching a resolution of their issues. As with Collaborative Family Law, the parties must agree in writing to this process. During some aspects of the mediation the parties and the mediator will meet together and when discussing some issues the mediator, the parties and their lawyers may meet together. Once an agreement has been reached, the mediator will prepare an outline of the terms or an agreement and each party will have their lawyer review the outline or agreement.


If negotiation, collaborative family law or mediation are not appropriate for your circumstances, we can provide you with experienced and aggressive representation in both Provincial and Supreme court.

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