Wills and Estates

Wills and Estate Planning

We can help you develop and implement an estate plan geared to your unique circumstances. Our services include:

  • suggesting ways to limit the amount of taxes and other costs payable upon your death;
  • discussing issues relevant to the choice of an executor, alternate executor and guardian for any minor children;
  • ensuring that any proposed distribution of your estate addresses future contingencies (including the possibility that beneficiaries may predecease you);
  • advising you of the potential for legal challenges by disgruntled family members, and suggesting methods for reducing or eliminating this risk;
  • advising you on the use of trusts to address specific problems, such as providing for family members who are incapable of managing their own affairs or who have significant creditor problems; and
  • preparing your Will and any other documentation required.

Estate Administration

If you have been named as an executor under a will, or wish to be appointed administrator of a family member who has died without a will, we can help guide you through the estate administration process. This includes applying for probate or administration, applying for death benefits, transferring assets to beneficiaries and ensuring that you comply with your various obligations to creditors and beneficiaries. Administering an estate does not have to be expensive or time-consuming.

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